Shop Local

Got to get ready for company. When you live in a scenic spot, people come. It’s time for a spring cleaning and a full-house refreshing session. I go top to bottom with my vacuum cleaner; but sadly, it has seen better days. It has ceased being my old faithful. I need to schedule a hardware store visit right away for a replacement. This time I will think ahead and get one that does double duty on floors and upholstery, not to mention carpets, blinds, and window ledges.  I want all the attachments and accessories. This way I don’t have to switch from an upright to a canister model halfway through my cleaning.

Sure, I could spend tedious time on line researching and comparing brands, but wouldn’t it be easier to consult with the kind people at the hardware store, ready and willing to help—typical of our friendly Vermont service. I probably already know the staff as neighbors in my small tow. I know I can bombard them with questions without embarrassment. While online descriptions and reviews are detailed, there are some things that aren’t covered specific to your unique needs. You can take forever on the Internet to make a decision, and in the local store it is no different. They will indulge your every question and concern. Such is Vermont life. No one is an alien in these parts. Everywhere you look, you see a friend.

Vacuums are a big deal these days what with the new cyclone and ball technology from Dyson. It is so state of the art. I vote for great design and energy savings. But I confess that I am at sea when it comes to anything beyond the ordinary suction process. I am not into the technological side of the appliance and only care that it gets rid of all the dust and dirt. There are so many from one to five hundred dollars that it becomes a real investment. It is a bigger issue than I expected. Once purchased, the machine stays around for a long time, so it better be good. I would never rebuy the one I had given all the upgrades.

Fortunately life isn’t always about mundane decisions and practical problems. In Vermont there is so much to do and see. Each season has something extraordinary to offer from winter skiing to swimming in a lake in summer. Hikes are great any time depending on what you choose. I am happy as long as I am outdoors and looking into the distance. Living in a small town affords the luxury of unimpeded views. But once or twice a year, I stop everything and attend to the house like any good homeowner. If you live in a pristine setting, you want your environment to match it.

Squeak No More

I have always wanted to tell the world about my home state. The time has come. My husband and I are proud to live in Southern Vermont. There is so much to do and see here. We have snow in the winter for some of the best skiing in the county. During the summer, the days are beautiful. We are along the ocean and Vermont has some beautiful beaches. There are some great places to eat and to see a show as well. I don’t have to go far to enjoy all the things this great state has to offer. There are plenty of places to go sightseeing and take in the beauty of the land. Thus, not only do I spend my time well, but I have many visitors who want to share the wealth that the state has to offer.

The last time I had company, I could tell every time they made a move. There is this one stair that squeaks the minute any weight is put on it. I think it bothered them more than me. My husband and I gave each other a look that said it’s time to do some repair. It only takes some basic woodworking skill to reset the wood so that it lies level with the others. So the tools came out of hiding in the garage and went to work making our staircase soundproof and less annoying.

It is a good thing that my husband is handy around the house and has the means to make basic repairs. No sooner do I ask than it is done. We want to get back to enjoying ourselves in nature, whatever the season. I am not sure which one I like the best. Meanwhile, rain, snow, or shine, the guests arrive to take their place in the extra room upstairs at the end of the hall. Everything is in good order but we are ready for any contingency, what with an array of woodworking tools mounted on a pegboard wall in the garage in addition to a nice drill press and a few other tools. They are taking a breather from the cabinetmaking my husband undertook last year. I wanted more space in the kitchen for all the snacks and treats the guests enjoy.

I love the quiet time in Vermont when the blue skies beckon me for a long walk or the chirping birds sing their special song. My husband is lured away from any practical task and joins me in reveling in the magic of our surroundings. It is divine to live in the woods, a few miles from the local skiing hot spot. By the way, we are well stocked with Vermont maple syrup since every visitor wants to take a bottle home.

Best Restaurants in Southern Vermont

When you are visiting the state of Vermont there are some great places to eat. There are many places that offer farm to table services and there is something for every taste. These are some the best restaurants that I like to eat out at.

Black Sheep Bistro

This is my favorite place for some down-home cooking and some fresh foods. I can get all of my favorite classic dishes here when I am looking for a hearty meal. The garlic mashed potatoes are one of the best side dishes and the meatloaf is always good. Anything that is order off of this menu will taste good. This is a family style place so you do not have to worry about bringing the children.

Hen of the Woods

This is more of an upscale place to it. While it is a favorite of the locals this place is a little busier and sees a lot of tourists. The staff is always friendly and willing to help to make sure their customer are happy. Everything is great here. One of the best things about this place is that if you cannot decide what you want to try you can order the 6 small dishes. The portions are generous and you can try six different food items. The steak tartar is highly recommended and it comes with a egg right from the farm. House made potato chips are ea great side dish.

Mojo Café

This café is likely and is a little different. There are a number of unique tacos that are served at this restaurant. You can try the lobster taco, the catfish taco, or the shrimp taco. They all taste great. The slaw that comes as a side dish is one of the best parts of the meal. The chips and guacamole are a must try at this place. This is Spanish food that has been taken to a new level. There are some great drinks that are served here as well.

Simon Pearce

The first thing that you will notice about this restaurant is the natural waterfall. This restaurant has some good food and some scenery. I love to come here at sunset and watch the sun go down over the water. There is also a shown that takes place while guests are eating. Artists are blowing glass and can create a glass object of your choice right in front of you. All of the food is great. One of the best dishes here that really stands out is the prosciutto. When the food is served it will look like a work of art on the plate. There are a number of great cocktails as well such as the caper berry martini. The crème brulee is a great way to finish the meal.

These are some of the best places to eat out while in Vermont. No matter what you order at any of these eating establishments it will taste great and you will not be disappointed.

Backyard Overhaul

One of the best features of my house is the back patio which affords my husband and me a great view of the distant mountains like spiked eruptions under a deep blue, cloud-enhanced sky. Summer is the time to sit out and enjoy life in Vermont, a state like no other. It is a about wide open spaces as properties are large. No track house for me. I moved here to get away from density and city noise. It is quiet and peaceful everywhere you go. Towns are picturesque and the scenery is divine.

We love to grill when the weather permits and sit back and sip a cold beer. For years, however, I have complained about the lack of comfort of the metal-framed lounge chairs. We also lack a table so that we can set up a mini buffet. It is time for a new patio set for sure. I am on the hunt and am scouring the outdoor stores and even the flea markets to find the perfect pieces. I want something either new or in good condition that won’t break the bank. Who isn’t on a budget these days?

Update: It didn’t take long to set my eyes on a nice table and chair set at an antique store (in Vermont this is a fancy name for used furniture!). It just needed a bit of work. It is wrought iron so I got out the welder and hinted to my husband to be sure and secure the chair legs—a simple welding job. It will be a useful décor item to enhance the look of the back yard. I can image a nice plant centered in the middle of the glass table top in a home-crafted ceramic pot. A little touch of nature never hurts!

While the look is great, something is still missing. My husband and I thought about it and came up with the idea of adding a fire pit to complete the landscaping already in place. A great idea. Our grill is a bit modest to be sure. If we throw in a few pots here and there, we will have achieved a real overhaul. It is so dramatic that we wondered why we waited so long. I guess we let nature dominate our patio experience. It is just so much better to enjoy the warmth of the fire in the fall and winter and not limit our outdoor adventure to spring and summer. Vermont has so much to offer year round. Even when it snows, we like to take walks.

Outfitting your back yard for maximum pleasure is money well spent. We are firm believers in getting out of the house for some fresh air. Our guests are going to love the fire pit at night after a long day of hiking in the hills. You have to imagine the entire design from the patio set to the fence that surrounds our garden, lawn, and new lounge chairs.

Sights to See in Southern Vermont

When visiting southern Vermont there are some sights that you will need to see. I lives in this state for my entire life and I still enjoy visiting these places even today.

Adam’s Family Farms

This farm is a great place to stop and collect from fresh eggs. Visitors are allowed to do this. They can also help feed the rabbits and if they are brave milk a goal. There are tractor as well as pony rides. During the winter months you can take a sleigh ride to see the farm.

The American Museum of Flying Fish

The title may sound funny but this museum is very entertaining. This museum has the largest collection of flying fish gear and angling art in the world. There are over 1,500 rods on display with another 800 reels. There are 30,000 different types of flies to check out. There are also the tackle boxes from some famous people here including Babe Ruth and Jimmy Carter. You can even work with some of the exerts at this shop to practice your cast and see how well you can do.

Bennington Battle Monument

This monument is a great place to remember the history of the United States. The monument itself is 306 feet high and made with obelisk. If you want to travel up the monument you can relax and take the elevator. This monument is in place to remember the battle that John Stark lead during the Revolutionary War and victory over the British Army. You will learn more information about this battle as well as how the smaller American Army got the powerful British forces to surrender.

Dorset Quarry

There are times when the weather in Vermont does become very hot. This quarry is a great place to go and cool off. It is a family friendly destination and there is beautiful scenery to go along with the swim. This is one of the oldest commercial marble quarries in the country.


This is the summer home of Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert and is still preserved to this day. This home will provide a little see life inside of the Lincoln family. Robert served as the secretary of war and was an ambassador working with those in Great Britain. This home is now open to the public on a daily basis and there are even guided tours. The home sits on 10 acres and you not only get to see the home but you can enjoy a nice view of the ocean and even sit out in the meadow. This is a beautiful place to come and visit.

These are some of the places that you can enjoy while you are visiting the state of Vermont. There is so much to do and see here there is no way you will get bored. By the time you are done enjoying the sites you will love this state as much as I do.

Theatre in Southern Vermont

For those that like a touch of culture when they are going out there are some great theaters to see players and other live performances in Southern Vermont. These theater houses show different plays all throughout the year and every performance I have been to and amazing and entertaining.

Weston Playhouse

This is one of the best known play houses in Vermont. There are a number of cast members that work hard to make sure that the guests are enjoying themselves. West Side Story is a classic play and the actors at the Weston perform is very well. Other shows that are running include the Million Dollar Quartet and Two Training running. If you want to see a show all you need to do is visit the theater. You can also go onto their website and see the different show dates as well as ticket information. This is the longest running theater for plays in the state. The Weston features musicals, family productions, and even classic players that many people are familiar with. This theater wants to expose people to different cultural events and help them develop a taste for the arts. All of the shows that I have seen at the Weston have been great.

Southern Vermont Arts Center

This is another great place to see a live production and develop an appreciation for the performing arts. This theater wants to get all people both young and old interested in the arts and to show an appreciation for this form of entertainment. They have some great live shows that they put on. While not all of the shows are put on by professionals the plays are still entertaining to watch. There are even some nights when up and coming artists put on their original work. This is entertainment and you will have a great time at this theater.

Old Castle Theater Company

This is a great stop if you are into independent films and the films of little known talent. These shows often have a unique storyline and some of them are better than the movies in the theater. There are many great independent films as well as live shows that are shown at the Old Castle. Some of the featured shows are the Lonely Boys as well as Sick to Death. The writer and the leader will answer any questions that the fans have right after the performance. This theater allows local residents the chance to appear in shows and films. Every so often they have an open casting call. Upcoming talent has to bring a head shot and a resume. They can then have the chance to show off their talent to producers as well as casting directors. The next big thing just may be found in Vermont.

These are some of the best theaters to visit in southern Vermont. I never saw a bad show at any of these locations and I doubt you will see a poor quality show either.

Another Great Summer Day in Vermont

When people think of Vermont they often think about snow and skiing. While Vermont does have some great places for those that like to ski the summers are also great in this lovely state. During the summer months the weather is warm and there are many great outdoor activates. These are some fun things to do during a nice summer day in Vermont.

The Landmark Trust USA

This is a great place in southern Vermont if you want to have a fun filled mini vacation. There is something fun for the entire family here. For those that like to see landmarks the Rudyard Kipling home is located in this area. There is also the Landmark Trust which is a restored sugarhouse. It has been redesigned so that guests can come and visit. There is a marble sidewalk leading to the Malboro shopping center which all the latest stores. If you get tired of sightseeing or shopping you can visit Bromley Mountain complete with a zip line. You can also go for a swim in the natural swimming hold that was formed from the old quarry.

Honora Winery and Vineyard

This vineyard has something that many vineyards no longer have and that is a tasting room. You can sample the different wines that they make. This room will allow you to relax and enjoy some wine as well as the different cheeses that are made in Vermont. You can listen to the sounds of the natural stream of sit on the shoes of the pond. This vineyard has a number of award winning wines. There are a number of events that are held at the vineyard including the Chocolate Festival on Memorial Day and the Grape Stomp on Labor Day.

Encounter Native Wildflower a Step from the Museum

The George Aiken Wildflower Trail is right next to the Bennington Museum. On this trail there are a number of beautiful wildflowers as well as a number of native ferns. This is a great place to walk on a nice and hot summer day. The trail is only a third of a mile long but there are some great places to stop and enjoy nature. There are some throughout the trail that have information on the different plants and well as identification markets. The trail is well taken care of by a group of dedicated volunteers. This trail is open for the public to enjoy from dawn until dusk. During the summer months dusk does not set in until the hours of 8 or 9 in the evening.

These are some of the fun things you can do in Vermont on a nice summer day. Vermont has everything from outdoor shopping to plenty of places to go out there and to enjoy natural. The summer months are nice and comfortable as well. There are plenty of places for you to enjoy the countryside and enjoy what the southern part of this state has to offer.

Night Out with Friends

There is a lot of great nightlife that you can enjoy when visiting southern Vermont. There are some great places that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. These are some of the places that I like to visit when I have a night out with my friends.

South Street Café

This café is located in Bennington. It is one of the most comfortable and relaxed places that I have been. When I am out with my friends we like to sit on one of the velvet sofas and have a nice cup of coffee. The café has high ceilings. I though the orange walls would be tacky when I first heard of them but this give this café a cool vintage feel. When we are here we get a fresh quiche and some treats from the bakery. This café also has soups and sandwiches. They are delicious and I have never gotten anything that tasted bad from this café.

McNeills Brewery

This is a classic style pub but there is entertainment so you can enjoy a night out with your friends. There are over 10 varieties of beer on tap and there are some seasonal offerings as well. This pub is even home to the Pullman Porter which has won a number of awards. For those that like a lively atmosphere there are live music events happening several times a week.

The Anchor

This is a classic establishment located in Vermont where you can enjoy a night out with the friends. The Anchor has some great food and all of the seafood is fresh. Once you and your friends had a meal you can enjoy some of the classic cocktail offerings. There are special here during the week for both food and drink. You can sit by the fireplace or enjoy the marble lounge that has the latest sporting event playing.

Falcon Bar

This bar has live music on the weekends and a number of great drink special during the week. This bar is open all throughout the year and there is always something going on to keep you and your friends busy. During the summer the outdoor deck is open so you can enjoy the fresh air and a great view of the countryside. In the winter months there is a slate fire pit that will keep you and your friends warm and tasty.

Latchis Theatre

This theatre takes going to the movies with your friends to the next level. In addition to the movies there is plenty of artwork to check out including Greek Revival pieces as well as murals. There are also live streaming events. The theater uses state of the art technology to show the movies in clear and vivid color.

These are some of the best things to do on a night out with your friends in Vermont. I keep on coming back to these places. I can enjoy good time with good company.