Best Restaurants in Southern Vermont

When you are visiting the state of Vermont there are some great places to eat. There are many places that offer farm to table services and there is something for every taste. These are some the best restaurants that I like to eat out at.

Black Sheep Bistro

This is my favorite place for some down-home cooking and some fresh foods. I can get all of my favorite classic dishes here when I am looking for a hearty meal. The garlic mashed potatoes are one of the best side dishes and the meatloaf is always good. Anything that is order off of this menu will taste good. This is a family style place so you do not have to worry about bringing the children.

Hen of the Woods

This is more of an upscale place to it. While it is a favorite of the locals this place is a little busier and sees a lot of tourists. The staff is always friendly and willing to help to make sure their customer are happy. Everything is great here. One of the best things about this place is that if you cannot decide what you want to try you can order the 6 small dishes. The portions are generous and you can try six different food items. The steak tartar is highly recommended and it comes with a egg right from the farm. House made potato chips are ea great side dish.

Mojo Café

This café is likely and is a little different. There are a number of unique tacos that are served at this restaurant. You can try the lobster taco, the catfish taco, or the shrimp taco. They all taste great. The slaw that comes as a side dish is one of the best parts of the meal. The chips and guacamole are a must try at this place. This is Spanish food that has been taken to a new level. There are some great drinks that are served here as well.

Simon Pearce

The first thing that you will notice about this restaurant is the natural waterfall. This restaurant has some good food and some scenery. I love to come here at sunset and watch the sun go down over the water. There is also a shown that takes place while guests are eating. Artists are blowing glass and can create a glass object of your choice right in front of you. All of the food is great. One of the best dishes here that really stands out is the prosciutto. When the food is served it will look like a work of art on the plate. There are a number of great cocktails as well such as the caper berry martini. The crème brulee is a great way to finish the meal.

These are some of the best places to eat out while in Vermont. No matter what you order at any of these eating establishments it will taste great and you will not be disappointed.