Squeak No More

I have always wanted to tell the world about my home state. The time has come. My husband and I are proud to live in Southern Vermont. There is so much to do and see here. We have snow in the winter for some of the best skiing in the county. During the summer, the days are beautiful. We are along the ocean and Vermont has some beautiful beaches. There are some great places to eat and to see a show as well. I don’t have to go far to enjoy all the things this great state has to offer. There are plenty of places to go sightseeing and take in the beauty of the land. Thus, not only do I spend my time well, but I have many visitors who want to share the wealth that the state has to offer.

The last time I had company, I could tell every time they made a move. There is this one stair that squeaks the minute any weight is put on it. I think it bothered them more than me. My husband and I gave each other a look that said it’s time to do some repair. It only takes some basic woodworking skill to reset the wood so that it lies level with the others. So the tools came out of hiding in the garage and went to work making our staircase soundproof and less annoying.

It is a good thing that my husband is handy around the house and has the means to make basic repairs. No sooner do I ask than it is done. We want to get back to enjoying ourselves in nature, whatever the season. I am not sure which one I like the best. Meanwhile, rain, snow, or shine, the guests arrive to take their place in the extra room upstairs at the end of the hall. Everything is in good order but we are ready for any contingency, what with an array of woodworking tools mounted on a pegboard wall in the garage in addition to a nice drill press and a few other tools. They are taking a breather from the cabinetmaking my husband undertook last year. I wanted more space in the kitchen for all the snacks and treats the guests enjoy.

I love the quiet time in Vermont when the blue skies beckon me for a long walk or the chirping birds sing their special song. My husband is lured away from any practical task and joins me in reveling in the magic of our surroundings. It is divine to live in the woods, a few miles from the local skiing hot spot. By the way, we are well stocked with Vermont maple syrup since every visitor wants to take a bottle home.