Theatre in Southern Vermont

For those that like a touch of culture when they are going out there are some great theaters to see players and other live performances in Southern Vermont. These theater houses show different plays all throughout the year and every performance I have been to and amazing and entertaining.

Weston Playhouse

This is one of the best known play houses in Vermont. There are a number of cast members that work hard to make sure that the guests are enjoying themselves. West Side Story is a classic play and the actors at the Weston perform is very well. Other shows that are running include the Million Dollar Quartet and Two Training running. If you want to see a show all you need to do is visit the theater. You can also go onto their website and see the different show dates as well as ticket information. This is the longest running theater for plays in the state. The Weston features musicals, family productions, and even classic players that many people are familiar with. This theater wants to expose people to different cultural events and help them develop a taste for the arts. All of the shows that I have seen at the Weston have been great.

Southern Vermont Arts Center

This is another great place to see a live production and develop an appreciation for the performing arts. This theater wants to get all people both young and old interested in the arts and to show an appreciation for this form of entertainment. They have some great live shows that they put on. While not all of the shows are put on by professionals the plays are still entertaining to watch. There are even some nights when up and coming artists put on their original work. This is entertainment and you will have a great time at this theater.

Old Castle Theater Company

This is a great stop if you are into independent films and the films of little known talent. These shows often have a unique storyline and some of them are better than the movies in the theater. There are many great independent films as well as live shows that are shown at the Old Castle. Some of the featured shows are the Lonely Boys as well as Sick to Death. The writer and the leader will answer any questions that the fans have right after the performance. This theater allows local residents the chance to appear in shows and films. Every so often they have an open casting call. Upcoming talent has to bring a head shot and a resume. They can then have the chance to show off their talent to producers as well as casting directors. The next big thing just may be found in Vermont.

These are some of the best theaters to visit in southern Vermont. I never saw a bad show at any of these locations and I doubt you will see a poor quality show either.

Another Great Summer Day in Vermont

When people think of Vermont they often think about snow and skiing. While Vermont does have some great places for those that like to ski the summers are also great in this lovely state. During the summer months the weather is warm and there are many great outdoor activates. These are some fun things to do during a nice summer day in Vermont.

The Landmark Trust USA

This is a great place in southern Vermont if you want to have a fun filled mini vacation. There is something fun for the entire family here. For those that like to see landmarks the Rudyard Kipling home is located in this area. There is also the Landmark Trust which is a restored sugarhouse. It has been redesigned so that guests can come and visit. There is a marble sidewalk leading to the Malboro shopping center which all the latest stores. If you get tired of sightseeing or shopping you can visit Bromley Mountain complete with a zip line. You can also go for a swim in the natural swimming hold that was formed from the old quarry.

Honora Winery and Vineyard

This vineyard has something that many vineyards no longer have and that is a tasting room. You can sample the different wines that they make. This room will allow you to relax and enjoy some wine as well as the different cheeses that are made in Vermont. You can listen to the sounds of the natural stream of sit on the shoes of the pond. This vineyard has a number of award winning wines. There are a number of events that are held at the vineyard including the Chocolate Festival on Memorial Day and the Grape Stomp on Labor Day.

Encounter Native Wildflower a Step from the Museum

The George Aiken Wildflower Trail is right next to the Bennington Museum. On this trail there are a number of beautiful wildflowers as well as a number of native ferns. This is a great place to walk on a nice and hot summer day. The trail is only a third of a mile long but there are some great places to stop and enjoy nature. There are some throughout the trail that have information on the different plants and well as identification markets. The trail is well taken care of by a group of dedicated volunteers. This trail is open for the public to enjoy from dawn until dusk. During the summer months dusk does not set in until the hours of 8 or 9 in the evening.

These are some of the fun things you can do in Vermont on a nice summer day. Vermont has everything from outdoor shopping to plenty of places to go out there and to enjoy natural. The summer months are nice and comfortable as well. There are plenty of places for you to enjoy the countryside and enjoy what the southern part of this state has to offer.

Night Out with Friends

There is a lot of great nightlife that you can enjoy when visiting southern Vermont. There are some great places that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. These are some of the places that I like to visit when I have a night out with my friends.

South Street Café

This café is located in Bennington. It is one of the most comfortable and relaxed places that I have been. When I am out with my friends we like to sit on one of the velvet sofas and have a nice cup of coffee. The café has high ceilings. I though the orange walls would be tacky when I first heard of them but this give this café a cool vintage feel. When we are here we get a fresh quiche and some treats from the bakery. This café also has soups and sandwiches. They are delicious and I have never gotten anything that tasted bad from this café.

McNeills Brewery

This is a classic style pub but there is entertainment so you can enjoy a night out with your friends. There are over 10 varieties of beer on tap and there are some seasonal offerings as well. This pub is even home to the Pullman Porter which has won a number of awards. For those that like a lively atmosphere there are live music events happening several times a week.

The Anchor

This is a classic establishment located in Vermont where you can enjoy a night out with the friends. The Anchor has some great food and all of the seafood is fresh. Once you and your friends had a meal you can enjoy some of the classic cocktail offerings. There are special here during the week for both food and drink. You can sit by the fireplace or enjoy the marble lounge that has the latest sporting event playing.

Falcon Bar

This bar has live music on the weekends and a number of great drink special during the week. This bar is open all throughout the year and there is always something going on to keep you and your friends busy. During the summer the outdoor deck is open so you can enjoy the fresh air and a great view of the countryside. In the winter months there is a slate fire pit that will keep you and your friends warm and tasty.

Latchis Theatre

This theatre takes going to the movies with your friends to the next level. In addition to the movies there is plenty of artwork to check out including Greek Revival pieces as well as murals. There are also live streaming events. The theater uses state of the art technology to show the movies in clear and vivid color.

These are some of the best things to do on a night out with your friends in Vermont. I keep on coming back to these places. I can enjoy good time with good company.