Backyard Overhaul

One of the best features of my house is the back patio which affords my husband and me a great view of the distant mountains like spiked eruptions under a deep blue, cloud-enhanced sky. Summer is the time to sit out and enjoy life in Vermont, a state like no other. It is a about wide open spaces as properties are large. No track house for me. I moved here to get away from density and city noise. It is quiet and peaceful everywhere you go. Towns are picturesque and the scenery is divine.

We love to grill when the weather permits and sit back and sip a cold beer. For years, however, I have complained about the lack of comfort of the metal-framed lounge chairs. We also lack a table so that we can set up a mini buffet. It is time for a new patio set for sure. I am on the hunt and am scouring the outdoor stores and even the flea markets to find the perfect pieces. I want something either new or in good condition that won’t break the bank. Who isn’t on a budget these days?

Update: It didn’t take long to set my eyes on a nice table and chair set at an antique store (in Vermont this is a fancy name for used furniture!). It just needed a bit of work. It is wrought iron so I got out the welder and hinted to my husband to be sure and secure the chair legs—a simple welding job. It will be a useful décor item to enhance the look of the back yard. I can image a nice plant centered in the middle of the glass table top in a home-crafted ceramic pot. A little touch of nature never hurts!

While the look is great, something is still missing. My husband and I thought about it and came up with the idea of adding a fire pit to complete the landscaping already in place. A great idea. Our grill is a bit modest to be sure. If we throw in a few pots here and there, we will have achieved a real overhaul. It is so dramatic that we wondered why we waited so long. I guess we let nature dominate our patio experience. It is just so much better to enjoy the warmth of the fire in the fall and winter and not limit our outdoor adventure to spring and summer. Vermont has so much to offer year round. Even when it snows, we like to take walks.

Outfitting your back yard for maximum pleasure is money well spent. We are firm believers in getting out of the house for some fresh air. Our guests are going to love the fire pit at night after a long day of hiking in the hills. You have to imagine the entire design from the patio set to the fence that surrounds our garden, lawn, and new lounge chairs.

Sights to See in Southern Vermont

When visiting southern Vermont there are some sights that you will need to see. I lives in this state for my entire life and I still enjoy visiting these places even today.

Adam’s Family Farms

This farm is a great place to stop and collect from fresh eggs. Visitors are allowed to do this. They can also help feed the rabbits and if they are brave milk a goal. There are tractor as well as pony rides. During the winter months you can take a sleigh ride to see the farm.

The American Museum of Flying Fish

The title may sound funny but this museum is very entertaining. This museum has the largest collection of flying fish gear and angling art in the world. There are over 1,500 rods on display with another 800 reels. There are 30,000 different types of flies to check out. There are also the tackle boxes from some famous people here including Babe Ruth and Jimmy Carter. You can even work with some of the exerts at this shop to practice your cast and see how well you can do.

Bennington Battle Monument

This monument is a great place to remember the history of the United States. The monument itself is 306 feet high and made with obelisk. If you want to travel up the monument you can relax and take the elevator. This monument is in place to remember the battle that John Stark lead during the Revolutionary War and victory over the British Army. You will learn more information about this battle as well as how the smaller American Army got the powerful British forces to surrender.

Dorset Quarry

There are times when the weather in Vermont does become very hot. This quarry is a great place to go and cool off. It is a family friendly destination and there is beautiful scenery to go along with the swim. This is one of the oldest commercial marble quarries in the country.


This is the summer home of Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert and is still preserved to this day. This home will provide a little see life inside of the Lincoln family. Robert served as the secretary of war and was an ambassador working with those in Great Britain. This home is now open to the public on a daily basis and there are even guided tours. The home sits on 10 acres and you not only get to see the home but you can enjoy a nice view of the ocean and even sit out in the meadow. This is a beautiful place to come and visit.

These are some of the places that you can enjoy while you are visiting the state of Vermont. There is so much to do and see here there is no way you will get bored. By the time you are done enjoying the sites you will love this state as much as I do.